Saturday, July 2, 2011

What some of the world's greatest investors are doing now

The CIO/CEO Leaders in Investing Summit took place on Tuesday at The Metropolitan Club of New York and featured presentations from numerous high-profile hedge fund managers.

The summit is a peer-only event only open to those investing third party capital. We're pleased to present notes from the event concerning specific investment ideas and/or commentary on the economy:

Leon Cooperman (Omega Advisors): The legendary hedge fund manager's talk centered on equities as the best house in the financial asset neighborhood. He argued that you need to believe four issues in order to have a positive view on today's market:

1. The U.S. is not another Japan and will not suffer a lost decade.
2. The European Central Bank (ECB) will act to stabilize Europe.
3. President Obama will move to the center.
4. The Middle East's turmoil leads to democracy and oil stays below $135.

Cooperman continued to voice his concern over employment. He also pointed out that the yield curve is quite steep and that the Federal Reserve is trying to inflate the country out of debt. Cooperman says inflation is not bad for stocks (see the best investments during inflation).

He argues that stocks are cheap trading at 13.6x relative to bonds and history. The Omega Advisors founder also thinks that bonds are 'screaming' to be shorted. Other hedge fund managers have also advocated shorting bonds. Don't forget that you can also hear Cooperman's latest investment ideas at the Value Investing Congress in October (click here for a discount).

Larry Robbins (Glenview Capital): Formerly of Cooperman's Omega Advisors, Robbins founded Glenview Capital. His presentation yet again focused on Life Technologies (LIFE). The company trades at a 11x P/E and is likely to grow EPS 20% over the next few years as they were able to grow EPS throughout the slowdown and 95% of their business grows with research spending. (more)

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