Monday, November 22, 2010

Natural Gas Market Update

Since the bullish gap breakout September of last year, natural gas rallied off its lows of $2.409 targeting and completing a 50% retracement from the selloff of $9.60 to make a high of $6.108 January of 2010. As this high was made, natural gas slowly moved lower and formed a channel that it’s been within for the year of 2010. In October natural gas made a low of $3.255 before finding support and pushing higher. This low came within testing the lows of May of 2009 at $3.155. By holding and pushing higher the market has put in a low that is trying to create a potential inverted head and shoulders formation. The past three weeks has been a consolidation of that push higher and this has created a bull flag as the December contract goes into expiration on November 24. Market bulls will want to see a continuation of that push off the lows with short covering going into expiration to try and test and break out of the downward channel or as January becomes front month the difference in price puts it above the channel to gap and go higher. Upside resistance to be met up to the June highs of $5.196 and then January highs of $6.108. Getting above and holding $6.108 gives the bulls an inverted h/s target of $9.807 (6.108-2.409=3.699, 3.699+6.108=9.807). This also retraces 100% of the move from $9.600 August 2008 to $2.409 September 2009. (more)

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