Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How Mobile "Swipe and Pay" Could Deliver +33%

The company behind credit card swiping technology is now working on a system that enables you to "swipe and pay" with your mobile phone. The technology is considered by many experts to be the future of payment systems, so you can imagine the potential this company has.

But what's really fueling the company's growth is its pay-at-the-pump gas station systems. Gas stations worldwide, especially in China, are upgrading their payment systems to Verifone's pay-at-the-pump technology. As such, analysts estimate its revenue could potentially triple in the next four years.

The company behind these two huge trends is VeriFone Systems (NYSE: PAY), the global leader in secure electronic payment systems. (more)

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  1. his is just great! Well done again Google. However, as others have mentioned nested folder support would be handy as would multiple account sign-in. Good job on the video as well, you guys must have taken some inspiration from the fruit's advertising - have to say, it works :)