Saturday, September 18, 2010

David Morgan: Play Silver, but Don't Get "Stuck"

The Gold Report: David, not only do you write The Morgan Report, but you've written books about silver, invested in silver as a teenager and you hold a substantial amount of physical silver. What's with your fascination with silver?

David Morgan: My fascination really started as a teenager, particularly with the stock market and money. Once I started researching money, I found out that a stable monetary base usually requires the backing of precious metals. But that was just the beginning. What really got me motivated about the silver market was the first bull market that I was involved in through the 1970s into 1980. I wasn't that big a silver bull at that time. I was more of a gold bull, but silver outperformed gold at the end of the market cycle so substantially that I started to study silver more diligently. I wanted to know why.

The Hunt brothers were big investors in the silver market throughout the 1970s. Everyone explained the silver boom with "it's the Hunts," but I wanted to know why the Hunts put that much money into silver. Why didn't they buy gold? What fascinated the Hunts about the silver market? Once I dug deeper, there were significant factors outside the Hunt brothers that made silver a compelling study. (more)

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