Thursday, August 19, 2010

Top 10 Best and Worst Projected EPS Growth Rates

The following is a breakdown of projected EPS growth rates over the next 5 years by sector (based on S&P 500 stocks only). We've also listed the best and worst projected EPS growth rates by company. All data is sourced from Finviz.

Sector Overview: Average Projected EPS Growth Over Next 5 years

Analysts expect the highest growth rates in the services, tech and basic materials sector. Financials and utilities are expected to lag other sectors in terms of EPS growth. Here is the average expected EPS growth rate over the next 5 years by sector:

  • Basic Materials: 12.26% (based on 57 stocks)
  • Conglomerates: 15.57% (based on 6 stocks)
  • Consumer Goods: 10.07% (based on 60 stocks)
  • Financial: 9.15% (based on 80 stocks)
  • Healthcare: 10.88% (based on 43 stocks)
  • Industrial Goods: 11.49% (based on 40 stocks)
  • Services: 13.41% (based on 101 stocks)
  • Technology: 12.57% (based on 78 stocks)
  • Utilities: 6.25% (based on 35 stocks)
  • (more)

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