Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Many Faces Of Gold

Who isn't talking about gold these days? Maybe that's more the appropriate question than not. Of course dial the clock back seven to ten years and serious discussions of gold set against the context of the macro credit cycle, monetary and fiscal policy, etc. were almost strictly confined to the bearish underground. Certainly we are in the underground no more. Well above ground and gaining more widespread recognition by the day as many of the former bearish underground rationales for accumulating and holding gold are now coming true right before our eyes and clearly entering mainstream debate, if not conviction. It's time for a quick little review, but what we hope to accomplish in this discussion is twofold. We want to have what we believe is very much an unconventional look at gold that we really have not seen in this conceptual format anywhere else. As you know, charts of gold relative to the major global currencies are a dime a dozen. We don't want to waste your time as you can find them anywhere and everywhere across the net. Gold is breaking out really against all global currencies. That's not new news. The Dow and S&P expressed in terms of gold, etc. Pretty conventional stuff in terms of more mainstream commentary and analysis. We're going to have a look at gold relative to what we believe are important historic economic markers of the real economy itself. And it just so happens that this little view of life dovetails into the second purpose we have in presenting this review. We know you've seen a number of pundits predict $2,000 gold, $3,000 gold and even perhaps a moon shot to $5,000 gold and beyond. (more)

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