Friday, December 18, 2009

The Coming cease trading of COMEX silver???

Recently, I have raised the possibility that silver trading might be terminated on the world’s largest silver exchange, the COMEX (The Commodity Exchange, Inc.), now owned by the CME Group, which in turn is the largest futures exchange in the world. I hope everyone realizes that this is an extreme speculation on my part, and that the likelihood of such an event must be considered remote. Still, I am somewhat haunted by this possibility and I would like to share the reasoning behind my concern. Even if my fears never come to fruition, I feel I would be doing a disservice to subscribers by not fully airing the subject.

Any cessation of trading of COMEX silver would be a very big deal indeed. It would send shockwaves of unprecedented proportions throughout the silver world. It’s not hard to imagine shockwaves extending beyond silver. That’s because the COMEX is the most important pricing mechanism for silver. All silver pricing throughout the world emanates from the COMEX. In this day and age of instant electronic price and news dissemination, any interruption of trading on the COMEX would have immediate and profound implications. (more)

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