Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gold & Silver’s Perfect Breakouts

by Warren BevanPrecious Metals Stock Review
Published : February 27th, 2012

The week was interesting as we basically stalled out for the most part with many US indexes and stocks, especially coming onto the end of the week. This may be a sign that a top is nearing but then again volume is low as we’re not moving higher which is good and we’ve seen these little bases and then runs higher since late 2011.

Now with most of the Greek issue behind us there is no real reason we can’t run higher. One other significant thing I’ve been seeing for a while now is that many of the Dow stocks which are normally sleepers are really perking up and moving faster out of nice bases which is very encouraging overall.

While the markets were sleepy, the precious metals were on fire, well maybe not on fire, but they have broken out decisively and are moving higher. It’s when we say, and mean, that they are on fire that it will be time to be looking for the exits.

On that note let’s check out the excellent looking charts of gold, silver and platinum especially.

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