Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Ten Best Performing Canadian Junior Tech Stocks of 2016

The eyes of speculative investors were not set on technology stocks in 2016, because marijuana stocks stole their gaze. Still, a list of the top performing junior techs stacks up quite well. The reason? A once paltry selection of stocks has rounded out quite nicely in the past few years.
The IPO drought that has stricken the big board hasn’t stopped a bunch of new companies from staking their claim on the junior exchange.
The October appointment of Brady Fletcher, a banker with a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering who is well known in innovation circles, to head the TSX Venture Exchange, suggests this trend may continue.
So here is our annual countdown of the top ten TSXV Tech stocks. The list comes with a few caveats: we don’t include stocks that began the year under ten cents, ones that had a change of business during the year (i.e. RTO), or those that do not have a full year of trading under their belt. All technology stocks trading on the TSX Venture Exchange are eligible.  (more)

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