Monday, January 4, 2016

Dogs of the Dow Total Return: Dog Years

So how have the high dividend paying Dogs of the Dow and the Small Dogs of the Dow performed? The following table and chart help answer that question directly. The following table presents the total returns for various calendar years and the average of annual total returns for the one, three, five and 10-year periods ending December 31, 2014. In addition, the right-most column in the table includes total return performance figures so far this millennium (i.e. 12/31/1999 to 12/31/2014). What the data shows is that, over the long-term, both the Dogs of the Dow and the Small Dogs of the Dow have performed admirably. For example, since the turn-of-the-century, the Dogs of the Dow have an average annual total return of 8.3%. This compares favorably to the average annual total return of the Dow Jones Industrial Average of 6.7%. The Small Dogs of the Dow have fared even better -- gaining slightly more than an average of 10% per year -- an impressive performance considering that the time period involved included both the dot-com bust as well as the historic financial crisis.

For an update on this year's performance, try our YTD performance tables.
Note 1: All total returns are calculated using reinvested dividends.
Note 2: The effects of commissions/loads are not included.
Note 3: All data is believed to be from reliable sources.
Note 4: Past performance is in no way a guarantee of future results.
Note 5: The above listed mutual funds were selected for comparison due to the fact that they are among the largest U.S. domestic growth equity funds.

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