Monday, July 12, 2010

Here's Why This Summer Rally May Be One To Ride

Last week I noted that the market was again short-term oversold and due for another rally attempt. But I said, “I’m not ready to turn bullish yet. Let’s see the second quarter earnings reports due out next week and how the market reacts to them.”

I noted that the January – February market correction began when December quarter earnings were released, even though those earnings were impressive, and the more serious April-July correction began precisely when March quarter earnings were released, even though they were also better than forecasts.

However, early this week I did recommend that subscribers at least take profits on our downside positions. Although I am still intermediate-term bearish on the market, not expecting the low for this second year of the Four-Year Presidential Cycle until October or November, this short-term rally might have longer legs than the last three oversold rally attempts that have taken place since the market topped out in April. (more)

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