Monday, July 12, 2010

George Ure: Tick...tick...tick - Israeli Mistake, Confusion, and a chart

After speaking with George Ure about the current events as of today, and having run into a wall of confusion, and misunderstanding between us over certain forecasts and the language and the tension values, i thought it wise to post this small article and a chart in aid of the confusion, either to increase, or decrease.

The issue is the July 11th break into 18 and a half hours of release language. George, and apparently others, are under the impression that some big 'thing' would happen on that date. This may well be the case, however, note that the release language (all the downward slanting lines in the charts below) continues all summer as punctuations to building tension. So the pattern from July 11th through to November 8th is one of building tension and then release of tension, almost on a daily basis. Note that this is the USUAL state of our charts for the planet. What is unusual is that we have been in a very long period of building tension for these past few months. What is also unusual is the 'tipping point' that is forecast to occur over 4 days in November from the 8th through the 11th inclusive. Then what is even more unusual is that the release language continues unabated, without deviation for over 2 months, from November 11th through to January 23rd. Please note some slight distortion in the charting software related to fonts alters the dates placement visually. The above dates are from the raw data, not from charting. (more)

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