Friday, September 11, 2009

The Wall Street Journal Europe Weekend Edition September 11 2009

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How ALL Systems Can Collapse Overnight , Martin Armstrong

If you love how Marty continually explores, documents, and proves in detail how history repeats itself, here's another great one.
No other human being in the course of history has been able to prove what he has through his vast historical data and dedication to the truth.
On a personal note:
It looks as though the Government will continue to ignore ALL of his legitimate demands for justice. They are purposely ignoring his pleas because he IS a POLITICAL PRISONER , and they will do everything possible TO STALL until his 'time' behind bars is served-- that is if you consider serving 12 years when the sentence was "5", JUSTICE!
Marty is a good man with a good heart that is treated worse than any violent offender--hence the murder attempt that left him with no teeth--and NO, the Bureau of Prisons have not given him any and it's been over 2 years!
Please write your Congressmen, and ask questions. This good man can really help the U.S., and his family and 84 year old Mother needs him. She is a wonderful, courageous woman who has stood by her son for over 10 years.
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Junk Bond Defaults Worst Since Great Depression. So Why Is The Market Rallying?

Numerous people have asked for an update to Corporate Bond Spreads Key To Continued S&P Rally.

Specifically, inquiring minds are interested in my statement "It will pay to keep one eye on the credit markets to help ascertain long-term equity direction. In August of 2007 the corporate bond market cracked wide open. Although the S&P 500 made a new high in November, the corporate bond market didn't. It was the mother of all warning calls that most missed."

Here are some charts that show what I mean. (more)

A Serious Bet on $1,350 Gold

Barrick Gold, the world’s largest pure-play gold miner, is about to make a very big bet on gold prices going higher. The company announced this week it will raise as much as $4 billion in a stock issuance and use the proceeds to pay off its gold hedges. In other words, Barrick is willing to give their shareholders the short-term shaft in order to rid themselves of all bets against gold.

“It’s nothing but bullish for gold,” says our resident mining watchdog, Byron King. Barrick evidently believes that the future price of gold is heading up. So Barrick wants to eliminate the drag of lower-priced hedges, presently covering 9.5 million ounces of future output.

“The math works out to about $370 per ounce, hedged. Barrick must think that it’ll make it all back in the future, out of higher gold prices — $1,350 per ounce and more. (more)

Marc Faber on Gold Seek Radio Nugget 09-09-09

Fisher: Jobs Recovery Could Take Years

U.S. labor markets could take years to recover from the setbacks of the current recession, which have pushed the unemployment rate to a 26-year high, top Federal Reserve policy-makers said on Wednesday.

But the officials said the Fed may need to end its ultra-accommodative policy stance long before the jobless rate starts to plummet if inflation starts to rise.

For now, though, that seems some way off given the tentative nature of the economic recovery.

"Given the lag between the time monetary policy is initiated and when it impacts the economy, that wind-down process needs to begin as soon as there are convincing signs that economic growth is gaining traction," Dallas Federal Reserve Bank president Richard Fisher told a meeting of the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce. (more)

Derivatives Collapse and the China Gold and Silver Markets

(BobChapman) – In 2009, China opened up various exchanges for investment in both gold and silver to the Chinese public, which previously was not allowed to invest in gold and silver. The opening of silver exchanges to the Chinese public is the most recent development and was accompanied by a ban on silver exports. The Chinese government is actively touting both gold and silver as an investment to the Chinese public, and with good reason. (more)

Peter Schiff on Gold Prices

Volcker: Banks Should Not Trade

Banks should not be allowed to own hedge funds or equity funds and their trading activity should be limited, former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker said in an interview with Il Sole 24 Ore on Thursday.

"A bank that generates the major part of its income from trading should not be allowed to have a banking license," Volcker, an economic adviser to the Obama administration, said.

Asked about introducing caps for bankers' pay, Volcker said bankers would find a way around that.

"We're seeing it already; it's obscene what they're earning," he said. (more)

A second wave of mortgage defaults is about to come

$100 Oil In The Next 6 Months