Friday, July 17, 2009

Kiplinger's Personal Finance August 2009

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McAlvaney Weekly Commentary

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Wall Street Journal July 17, 2009

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World Bank warns of deflation spiral

Justin Lin, the bank’s chief economist, said factories running idle around world threaten to trap economies in a vicious cycle, risking further spasms of financial stress, requiring yet more rescue packages.

"Significant excess capacity has been built up and unless this issue is addressed, we will face a deflationary spiral and the crisis will become protracted," he told an audience in Cape Town.

Mr Lin said capacity use had fallen to 72pc in Germany, 69pc in the US, 65pc in Japan, and as low as 50pc in some developing countries, mostly touching lows not seen in modern times. (more)

Nevsun Resources – All Aboard!

Today’s news of a super fast closing on the debt financing for NSU makes me feel the train is now ready to pull out of the station. With a superb fast payback and a world class project, I believe NSU is a prime takeover target. I think we’re set to break out now and our first target is $2. I do feel $2.50 can be reached within the next 6-9 months and believe a $4-$5 takeover target is reasonable. (more)

Avoiding The Real Problem

This is really going to anger China, the BRICs and our Saudi/Kuwaiti Bankers

I have repeatedly told you that the problems that landed us in this mess have not been addressed. The reason is simple. The company going broke is the loser on the OTC derivative and therefore requires a cash injection in order to pay the winner on the OTC derivative. The winners are those banks reporting huge gains from their trading activities.

The entire plot is right in front of your eyes but you do not see it. (more)