Monday, June 15, 2009

Is Bottom In Gold & Silver Near?

In my previous essay I wrote the following:

(...) once you consider details, the outlook becomes rather bearish in the short term. The point here is that volume has been declining while gold has been rising and it rose along with declining gold price. Volume usually confirms the direction in which the market is headed, and this time it points to lower prices in coming days. Naturally, a day or two of pause are possible (and also quite likely), as gold is currently just at its support level, but still - it is likely that gold will move lower in the short term.

This is exactly what took place during the rest of the week - we had slightly higher prices of gold, silver and mining stocks in the middle of the week, but they closed lower on Friday. Of course the key question here are: "Is the bottom already in?" and "Is it safe to get back on the long side of the market?" In short, it seems that we are going a little lower before we will reach a local bottom. (more)

Act II of the Food Crisis?

06/15/09 Gaithersburg, Maryland Inflation – rising prices, or a drop in the purchasing power of the dollar – will soon rise to the very top of economic concerns. I can’t understand why there are pundits who insist we can’t have inflation while the economy is weak. There are plenty of examples of weak economies with high inflation. After all, I don’t think they are hitting on all cylinders in Zimbabwe, where inflation is thousands of percent. (more)

Peak Soil Investment: This Quiet Land Grab is Just Beginning

According to the Economist, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and China have been “quietly” buying up more than $20 billion of this asset.

It’s not oil or natural gas assets though. And it’s not the molybdenum they need to build thousands of miles of new pipelines. They’re buying up one of my favorite long-term investments, farmland.

The way things are shaping up, investors who follow their lead now will do exceptionally well in the short-term and long-term. Let me explain. (more)