Monday, June 1, 2009

US Debt Trip

The Triple California Housing Threat...

The housing market in California is splintering into various broken segments. In one area, you have lower priced beaten down homes flying off the market like pancakes. Yet in these areas, you have to wonder what will happen once the major discounts and inventory run out? Next, you have mid-priced areas that are selling in low numbers but at relatively stable prices. This is the next market to tank because of the large amount of Alt-A and Pay Option ARMs hovering in those markets. These areas had a stronger buffer because of the structure of the mortgages but make no mistake, they will be coming down. And finally, you have the higher priced regions stalling out.

Silver to Continue Outperforming Gold?

'Gold price to touch $1,400 in six months'

Gold investors know all too well the psychological importance of $1,000 gold. The yellow metal's been hovering frustratingly near that level for weeks after briefly surpassing it in February. According to John Kaiser, editor of the Kaiser Bottom-Fishing Report, "we're getting very close." In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, John shares his "modest" price forecast of $1,300 - $1,400 within the next six months and presents strategies for gold companies looking to create value.

The Gold Report: John, you have said that you believe gold may go up to $1,300 to $1,400, but probably not higher. Can you give our readers an overview of how you achieved those targets? (more)

100% Guaranteed Hyperinflation

Dr. Marc Faber appeared on the Glenn Beck show (Fox) along with Peter Schiff. Marc Faber and Peter Schiff are regarded as two individuals who have been right in their own right, this led Glenn Beck calling the “dynamic duo of death”

Is Your House Worth Its Weight In Gold?

There is a chart, very familiar to many, showing the housing bubble, which shows the median house price since 1970, using Case-Schiller national index since 1987 and U.S. Census data 1970-86.

The median house price, nationally, has come down significantly from the top of the bubble, but is still above the long-term trend line support. It can be argued that houses are still overpriced.

However, by one measure, the average house is underpriced. From we have the median single family home priced in ounces of gold.

The Economist May 30, 2009

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